Vietnamese rural areas witness an existing issue that unprivileged children suffering from low living standards and lack access to education. It has lead to negative consequences with high dropout rate and large amount of children cannot go to school.

Interestingly, students coming from rural areas in Vietnam are believed to have proven outstanding abilities. What if their talents is wasted when they are not able to approach to education facilities? What if they could turn into a heavy burden for society in future without conditions to boost their knowledge and skills? And how we can give them a hand to facilitate their abilities and improve health and education conditions in these areas?

Having strong concerns, Sky Lantern is an annual charity program on Mid Autumn Festival as a solution to this rising issue. The project is carried out based on the mission of contributing sustainable support in healthcare and education for children and raising awareness of young generation to create their social values for the community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Contribute sustainable support in healthcare and education for underprivileged children

Shared responsibilities: Connect the world to help less advantaged people following the old Vietnamese proverb “La lanh dum la rach” (Whole leaves wrap torn leaves).

Increase awareness of social support in young generation.

How we CARRY OUT the project.


The project firstly builds up a fund by holding charity fairs & auctions, searching for sponsorships and asking for physical support from all over the world.

Charity day

To encourage cultural communication and create social impacts, we hold charity program (Sky Lantern) and cultural event (Culture Exchange) every year.

Dear everyone,

We are glad that you have taken through who we are, what we have done and how we grow till nowadays.

We firstly want to express our special words to whom have enjoyed the funny, wonderful moments with us. It’s such a pleasure to see your beautiful smiles on your face ^^. Moreover, we hope that we could have more time together if you can come to visit Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam once again.

For Saigon Hotpot, from twelve years ago, we started with a small group and now expanding to an organization with more than one hundred tour guides supporting for a huge influx of foreigners visiting Ho Chi Minh city every month. Besides, we have contributed to society by organizing culture events and charity programs as well as training sections for core members.

The Impacts were totally beyond our imagination. We fulfill your traveling experiences in HCM city throughout year. We connected to many partners in Vietnam, helping build up services in their regions. We bought physical contribution and meaningful happiness to thousand unprivileged children in 3 removed areas. We let our members enjoy cross-border culture with 3 international universities right in HCM city.

All of that could not become real without your generous donations. Thank you so much for every tourist who came with us, every partner who make such strong commitments to our projects and everyone who are always helping us in silence.

We know that we are now continuing to develop and make greater impacts and we hope that all of you guys could come with us on this long journey.

Best wishes,

Saigon Hotpot Team

Sai gon Hotpot Team

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